Vision Statement
Ruchika believes that each child enrolled in our care is a SACRED TRUST, in which the inherent talent and potential that each child possesses is to be nurtured to its fullest.

In the discharge of that trust, we shall endeavour to: 

  • Develop a faculty of teachers/mentors qualified, committed and united in a common quest to bring forth the natural talents of each child, give it direction for its full flowering and engender in each child a sense of responsibility to its peers in the school and to the disadvantaged outside;
  • Provide an environment, physical and intellectual, second to none, which will facilitate the learning process and encourage the questioning spirit of the children,
  • Engender healthy competitive spirit and teamwork through sports activities,
  • Create opportunities for peer-group joint working,
  • Provide opportunities for self-expression/creative pursuits,
  • Give the school a global perspective by giving students diverse learning opportunities, 
  • Make the child technologically enabled with a sense of responsibility towards the environment,
  • Focus on overall development of the child and use the best pedagogical practices to create global citizens.

Unique Methodology

Ruchika gives the freedom to learn and express in a non-punitive environment. There is a unique blend of curricular and non-curricular activities. Our focus is for the child to make use of all available facilities/resources in the school and in the city to facilitate their learning. Ruchika very strongly believes in Multiple Intelligences. 

“Every individual has eight different types of intelligences – Linguistic, Logical, Visual, Musical, Bodily, Naturalistic, and Interpersonal. Each of your intelligences is like a member of a team. To be successful as a learner one needs to engage all of these intelligences to work in unison.”