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    holistic education


Our school is introducing the latest technology in e-learning i.e. digital classes termed 'SMART CLASS', using hardware and software through the most reputed professional company in this category 'EDUCOMP'.

The idea is that classes will be conducted by audio visual method and they will be displayed on a huge wall mounted Touchscreen Display System. The package includes specially tailored class-wise and subject-wise programmes for students which enables them to go beyond conventional teaching through text books.

This will enable the students to see for themselves what they learn in text books which will be not only informative but also will be interesting to them when they see on the huge display board what they have learned through text books in audio visual action. The visual aspect of the presentations makes the subject matter more attractive and has a great impact on learning and it helps the students understand and memorize topics better.

CTS (Class Transformation System)

It provide teachers access to a range of resources like animations, graphs, simulations, mind maps, worksheets, web links, diagram maker, graphic organiser and assessment tools for teaching their students.

SAS (Smart Assessment System)

“SAS is designed for students to answer multiple choice questions in the classroom. This is the first school in India to have computer- aided teaching and learning through Smart Class using a plasma screen with SAS in all classes.”


Every child possesses an enormous amount of creative talent. Spot the creative talents in your child at an early age and develop them by providing them necessary support.

Aptitude and interests differ from child to child. A wise parent will spot the talent of the child and help in enhancing such talents with proper care and guidance. Remember that children are our great treasures. They are the heart of the school.

Children by nature have a great deal of curiosity, and a desire to discover everything around them. Artistic creativity is a part of all round educational process and is found in all daily lives and routines. Allow your child to be involved in the extracurricular activities carried out by the school like excursions, scouts and guides, quizzes, debates, competitions and the like.

The school is offering students to take up optional hobby classes which will be held on Saturdays. Students can take up any one hobby class from one of the following: Karate, Modern Dance, Music (Vocal/Instrumental), Basket Ball (Classes III to X), Art (Drawing), Craft.