About Us

Ruchika Story

This inspiring journey began with the illustrious Lt. Col. S. S. Khurana, whose dedicated service in the Army spanned 28 years before his retirement in 1977. Following his premature retirement, he relocated to Bhubaneswar in June 1977, where he and Mrs. Inderjit Khurana’s passion for revolutionizing preschool education in Odisha came together. In January of 1978, they laid the foundation for what would become the first preschool in Bhubaneswar.

With just two children, the school opened its doors in February of 1978, marking the dawn of a new era in early education. Mrs. Khurana, a torchbearer in her own right, championed a philosophy where practicality trumped formality – her teachers were encouraged to wear attire conducive to movement and engagement, embodying a commitment to action over appearances. She believed in getting the work done rather than dressing up for it.

Word quickly spread of the school’s innovative approach, attracting eager parents with two-year-old children seeking admission. Within the initial three years, the school burgeoned to accommodate 100 children, prompting a pressing need to expand into higher grades. Gradually evolving to encompass classes up to VII, the school acquired multiple buildings in the Forest Park Area, symbolising its growing influence and impact.

In 1984, the government recognized Mrs. Khurana’s relentless dedication to education by granting her a 1-acre plot on a 99-year lease, a testament to her enduring legacy. Construction commenced in 1996, coinciding with the school’s provisional ICSE affiliation, culminating in its inaugural class IX admissions in 1997 and the first batch graduating in March of 1999.

In 1995, the Khurana family’s commitment to educational excellence was further solidified with the return of Mr. Gurpreet Singh Khurana, Mrs. Khurana’s younger son, who assumed an integral role in the school’s administration. His marriage to Mrs. Leena Khurana in 1996 heralded a new chapter, setting the stage for their eventual succession in 2011.

Tragically, the passing of Mrs. Inderjit Khurana marked a poignant transition, as Mrs. Leena Khurana took over the mantle of Vice Principal, later ascending to the role of Principal, while Mr. Gurpreet Singh Khurana fulfilled his responsibilities as the Director.

Over the years, the school has witnessed the triumphant graduation of 23 batches of class X students under ICSE exams, boasting a remarkable 100% passing percentage, a testament to the unparalleled commitment to excellence.

We’re always thrilled to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our students, recognizing their dedication and excellence across various fields. Among our accolades, we proudly present the prestigious silver medal to the student who has achieved the highest percentage in ICSE, along with the revered Best English award in honour of Anvita Kolana, then best science result in ICSE, all-rounder award and one special award for the student who had an unexpected result.

In addition to academic excellence, we follow a holistic approach to education, fostering participation in literary competitions, sports events, debates, and art competitions. This year, we’re excited to introduce a dedicated Sports Activity Day on the Second and Fourth Saturdays, offering opportunities for students from classes I to X to engage in activities such as Dance, Yoga, Table Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and Kho Kho.

Back in 2009, we pioneered the introduction of Educom classes, later transitioned to Tata Classedge, enriching our curriculum with visual learning aids. These innovative resources, including videos and 3D models, have proven invaluable in enhancing students’ learning experiences.

At the heart of our ethos lies the motto “Freedom with Responsibility“. We passionately believe in empowering students to express themselves freely, fostering open communication with teachers, peers, and parents. Yet, we also instil a sense of accountability, encouraging students to make responsible decisions that reflect their values towards themselves and their families.

Our Facilities


Specially designed buses with GPS tracking facility is provided by Ruchika School.

Table Tennis

With sports and games hour allotted every day, the students are encouraged to engage in table tennis.

Basket Ball

With sports and games hour allotted every day, the students are encouraged to engage in Basket Ball.


With sports and games hour allotted every day, the students are encouraged to engage in Badminton.

Computer Lab

We have a well furnished Computer Lab for the students to facilitate practical learning

Fire Safety

We maintain measure equipment for fire safety. Student Safety is our first priority.

Chemistry Lab

Well-equipped Chemistry laboratory of international standards are on campus to facilitate practical learning.

Physics Lab

Well-equipped Phisics laboratory of international standards are on campus to facilitate practical learning.

Our Affiliation

The school has got Permanent Affiliation to the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE), New Delhi. It is recognized but not aided by the Education Department or the State Government of Orissa. The medium of instruction is English and both Hindi and Oriya are compulsory up to class VII. Students from class I onwards are prepared for the I.C.S.E. examination held by the Council.

Our Departments

English Department

Ruchika for the students is not just a school, rather it is a home away from home. In addition to academic engagement , Ruchika focuses on extra-curriculum activities, co-curricular activities that fuel the holistic growth of a child within house programmes that help them build essential skills for the future. Our school makes sure that students take part in creative activities, it fosters their intellectual development, which in turn gives them an edge. Ruchika is a school where along with learning, teachers help the students to inculcate in them leadership skills, embibe the power of reasoning , also propel their interest in ethics, results in social and personal development while teaching them responsibility and independence, to face the world.
A quote from Aristotle sums up all : “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
So we in Ruchika believe that as much as it is important to arm and educate our minds, it is equally important to educate our hearts as well. Let us educate our children to realize the value and worth of it!

The main goal of Mathematics Education in our school is mathematisation of child’s thinking. Here the students get an opportunity for mental exercise and their intellectual development. In our school we prepare the students to explore concept and develop problem solving skills. Though knowledge and understanding students develop reasoning to make deduction and solve problems.

Mathematics Department

Science Department

Highly qualified, well trained experienced science faculties of Ruchika :

  • Inculcate Scientific temperament among students.
  • Explain principles and concepts of Science by demonstration and experiments.
  • Relate with real life experience for easy understanding.
  • Regular group activities for innovative studies.
  • Open ended discussion for better clarification.
  • Encourage questioning and enhance critical thinking.