A child requires 75% attendance for promotion to the next class. All absence from school must be explained by the parents in the “Absence Record” page, found in this diary. If the leave is for more than 3 days, besides the note in the diary, an application must be made for the purpose.

An absence of more than 3 days before or after a vacation without prior permission renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls and to submit to a formal re-admission by paying a fee equivalent to a month’s fee, when he/she returns. Provided his/her place has not been given to another applicant.

At the start of the academic year or the first working day after major holidays such as summer, winter, and puja vacations, students should be present in the class.

A student’s absence from school for 15 days or more without prior information is considered equivalent to the withdrawal of the student from school and his/her name will be struck off the rolls. Absence for any other reason will not be entertained.

Half day leave will not be granted for any reason whatsoever even during tests and exams. If a doctor’s appointment is required to be taken on a week-day, the child will have to stay away from school the whole day.