We at RUCHIKA are driven by the vision to footer batches of happier more productive and successful individuals through holistic cases guidance and mentorship.

We measure the case interests, personality traits and abilities to determine which career a particular student is fit for and will enjoy pursuing.

We try to offer career counseling sessions to students with an expert career guidance counselor, talented and trained, who are psychologists, educators and HR professionals with several years experience and expertise.

RUCHIKA will make sure to offer detailed information about chosen careers , find out what any student career path looks like, the roles, the future prospects and much more.

By the time students get to class VIII, they will begin selecting subjects and preparing for class X. This is the time where career confusion usually begins-which stream after class X, which course after class XII, which entrance to prepare…………We will not only help our student to discover their interests , but also guide and prepare them to arrive at the best chosen subjects and path according to their abilities.


      In   class  X  teachers   make  sure  that  the  entire  syllabus  is  practiced/revised  at least  twice. Students  are  made  to  solve   model  test papers  and  previous  years  question  papers .

Teachers make sure to know the strengths and weakness of the students. Extra sessions and classes are conducted specially for weak students.

Writing   and speaking   tasks are conducted   to create enthusiasm for the subjects.

One –to one mentoring of students is taken up many times to help the students to gear up before the exam.

Personal feedback are given and taken into account which helps in better understanding of each student’s capability.

The course is ideally completed by mid December. The time then is utilized for final revision of concepts.

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